BGPParameter Class Reference

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BGPCapParameter BGP4ByteASCapability BGPMultiProtocolCapability BGPMultiRouteCapability BGPRefreshCapability BGPUnknownCapability

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Public Member Functions

 BGPParameter (uint8_t l, const uint8_t *d)
 BGPParameter (const BGPParameter &param)
virtual void decode ()=0
virtual void encode () const =0
virtual bool compare (const BGPParameter &) const =0
void dump_contents () const
void set_type (ParamType t)
ParamType type () const
void set_length (int l)
uint8_t length () const
uint8_t paramlength () const
uint8_t * data () const
virtual string str () const =0

Static Public Member Functions

static BGPParametercreate (const uint8_t *d, uint16_t max_len, size_t &actual_length) throw (CorruptMessage)
 create a new BGPParameter from incoming data.

Protected Attributes

uint8_t * _data
uint8_t _length
ParamType _type

Member Function Documentation

BGPParameter * BGPParameter::create ( const uint8_t *  d,
uint16_t  max_len,
size_t &  actual_length 
) throw (CorruptMessage) [static]

create a new BGPParameter from incoming data.

Takes a chunk of memory of size l, returns an object of the appropriate type and actual_length is the number of bytes used from the packet. Throws an exception on error.

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