BsrRp Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 BsrRp (BsrGroupPrefix &bsr_group_prefix, const IPvX &rp_addr, uint8_t rp_priority, uint16_t rp_holdtime)
 BsrRp (BsrGroupPrefix &bsr_group_prefix, const BsrRp &bsr_rp)
BsrGroupPrefixbsr_group_prefix ()
const IPvXrp_addr () const
void set_rp_addr (const IPvX &v)
uint8_t rp_priority () const
uint16_t rp_holdtime () const
void set_rp_priority (uint8_t v)
void set_rp_holdtime (uint16_t v)
const XorpTimerconst_candidate_rp_expiry_timer () const
void start_candidate_rp_expiry_timer ()
uint32_t my_vif_index () const
void set_my_vif_index (uint32_t v)
bool is_my_rp_addr_explicit () const
void set_is_my_rp_addr_explicit (bool v)

Private Member Functions

void candidate_rp_expiry_timer_timeout ()

Private Attributes

IPvX _rp_addr
uint8_t _rp_priority
uint16_t _rp_holdtime
XorpTimer _candidate_rp_expiry_timer
uint32_t _my_vif_index
bool _is_my_rp_addr_explicit

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