BuildLsa Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 BuildLsa (OspfTypes::Version version)
Lsagenerate (Args &args)
 From a textual representation build an LSA that can be used for testing.

Private Member Functions

Options get_options (Lsa *lsa)
void set_options (Lsa *lsa, Options &options)
bool common_header (Lsa *lsa, const string &word, Args &args)
bool router_link (RouterLsa *lsa, const string &word, Args &args)
Lsarouter_lsa (Args &args)
Lsanetwork_lsa (Args &args)
IPv6Prefix ipv6prefix (Args &args, bool use_metric=false)
Lsasummary_network_lsa (Args &args)
Lsasummary_router_lsa (Args &args)
Lsaas_external_lsa (Args &args)
Lsatype_7_lsa (Args &args)
Lsalink_lsa (Args &args)
Lsaintra_area_prefix_lsa (Args &args)

Private Attributes

OspfTypes::Version _version

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