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The command and its associated process ID. More...

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struct  PCmd

Public Member Functions

 Command (EventLoop &eventloop, XrlStdRouter &xrlrouter)
void load_command_map ()
void command (const string &line) throw (InvalidString)
void status (const string &peer, string &status)
bool pending ()
void datain (const string &peer, const uint32_t &genid, const bool &status, const TimeVal &tv, const vector< uint8_t > &data)
void datain_error (const string &peer, const uint32_t &genid, const string &reason)
void datain_closed (const string &peer, const uint32_t &genid)
void peer (const string &line, const vector< string > &v) throw (InvalidString)
void reset (const string &line, const vector< string > &v)
void target (const string &line, const vector< string > &v) throw (InvalidString)
void initialise (const string &line, const vector< string > &v) throw (InvalidString)
void initialise_callback (const XrlError &error, string peername)
 Command (const string &cmd_syntax, int nargs)
virtual int execute ()=0
const string & syntax () const
void set_arg (int argnum, Datum *d) throw (Parse_error)
int num_args () const
 Command (TemplateTreeNode &template_tree_node, const string &cmd_name)
void add_action (const list< string > &action, const XRLdb *xrldb) throw (ParseError)
int execute (MasterConfigTreeNode &ctn, TaskManager &task_manager) const
void xrl_action_complete (const XrlError &err, XrlArgs *xrl_args, MasterConfigTreeNode *ctn, Action *action) const
bool process_xrl_action_return_arguments (XrlArgs *xrl_args, MasterConfigTreeNode *ctn, Action *action) const
void program_action_complete (bool success, const string &command_stdout, const string &command_stderr, bool do_exec, MasterConfigTreeNode *ctn, string stdout_variable_name, string stderr_variable_name) const
set< string > affected_modules () const
bool affects_module (const string &module) const
virtual string str () const
virtual bool expand_actions (string &error_msg)
virtual bool check_referred_variables (string &error_msg) const
 Command (string command, string wait_command)

Public Attributes

string _command
string _wait_command
PID_T _pid

Protected Member Functions

void check_syntax ()
void set_last_arg (int n)
void bind (int n, DatumVariableBinding *b)
void bind_uint32 (int n, uint32_t &i)
void bind_string (int n, string &s)
void bind_ipv4 (int n, IPv4 &addr)
void bind_ipv4net (int n, IPv4Net &net)
DatumVariableBindingfind_binding (int n)

Protected Attributes

const string _syntax
const int _nargs
int _last_arg
map< int, DatumVariableBinding * > _bindings
list< Action * > _actions

Private Types

typedef void(Command::* MEMFUN )(const string &line, const vector< string > &v)
typedef map< const string, PCmdStringCommandMap
typedef list< PeerPeerList

Private Attributes

uint32_t _genid
uint32_t _init_count
StringCommandMap _commands
PeerList _peers
string _target_hostname
string _target_port

Detailed Description

The command and its associated process ID.

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