DampPeerOscillations Class Reference

Manage the damping of peer oscillations. More...

#include <peer.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 DampPeerOscillations (EventLoop &eventloop, uint32_t restart_threshold, uint32_t time_period, uint32_t idle_holdtime)
void restart ()
 The session has been restarted.
uint32_t idle_holdtime () const
void reset ()
 Reset the state, possibly due to a manual restart.

Private Member Functions

void zero_restart_count ()
 Used by the timer to zero the error count.

Private Attributes

const uint32_t _restart_threshold
const uint32_t _time_period
const uint32_t _idle_holdtime
uint32_t _restart_counter
XorpTimer _zero_restart

Detailed Description

Manage the damping of peer oscillations.

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t DampPeerOscillations::idle_holdtime ( ) const
the idle holdtime.

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