Damping Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Damping (EventLoop &eventloop)
void set_damping (bool damping)
bool get_damping () const
void set_half_life (uint32_t half_life)
void set_max_hold_down (uint32_t max_hold_down)
void set_reuse (uint32_t reuse)
void set_cutoff (uint32_t cutoff)
uint32_t get_tick () const
 Get the current clock tick.
uint32_t get_merit () const
 Merit value to use the first time a route is encountered.
uint32_t compute_merit (uint32_t last_time, uint32_t last_merit) const
 Compute the merit value given the last time and merit values.
bool cutoff (uint32_t merit) const
 True of the merit value has passed the cutoff threshold.
bool reuse (uint32_t merit) const
 True of the merit value is above the reuse threshold.
uint32_t get_reuse_time (uint32_t merit) const
 Compute how long the route should be damped in seconds.

Static Public Attributes

static const uint32_t FIXED = 1000

Private Member Functions

void init ()
 Called when damping is enabled.
void halt ()
 Called when damping is disabled.
bool tick ()

Private Attributes

bool _damping
uint32_t _half_life
uint32_t _max_hold_down
uint32_t _reuse
uint32_t _cutoff
vector< uint32_t > _decay
uint32_t _tick
XorpTimer _tick_tock

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t Damping::get_reuse_time ( uint32_t  merit) const

Compute how long the route should be damped in seconds.

The time for this figure of merit to decay to the reuse threshold.

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