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Public Member Functions

 DebugPeerHandler (BGPPeer *peer)
int start_packet ()
 add_route and delete_route are called by the plumbing to propagate a route *to* the peer.
int add_route (const SubnetRoute< IPv4 > &rt, FPAList4Ref &pa_list, bool ibgp, Safi safi)
int add_route (const SubnetRoute< IPv6 > &rt, FPAList6Ref &pa_list, bool ibgp, Safi safi)
int replace_route (const SubnetRoute< IPv4 > &old_rt, bool old_ibgp, const SubnetRoute< IPv4 > &new_rt, bool new_ibgp, FPAList4Ref &pa_list, Safi safi)
int replace_route (const SubnetRoute< IPv6 > &old_rt, bool old_ibgp, const SubnetRoute< IPv6 > &new_rt, bool new_ibgp, FPAList6Ref &pa_list, Safi safi)
int delete_route (const SubnetRoute< IPv4 > &rt, FPAList4Ref &pa_list, bool new_ibgp, Safi safi)
int delete_route (const SubnetRoute< IPv6 > &rt, FPAList6Ref &pa_list, bool new_ibgp, Safi safi)
PeerOutputState push_packet ()
void set_output_file (FILE *file)
void set_canned_response (PeerOutputState state)

Private Member Functions

void print_route (const SubnetRoute< IPv4 > &route, FPAList4Ref palist) const
void print_route (const SubnetRoute< IPv6 > &route, FPAList6Ref palist) const

Private Attributes

FILE * _ofile
PeerOutputState _canned_response

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