DeleteAllNodes< A > Class Template Reference

Delete nodes in the cache table trie. More...

#include <route_table_cache.hh>

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Public Types

typedef RefTrie< A, const
CacheRoute< A > > 
typedef queue< RouteTable * > RouteTables

Public Member Functions

 DeleteAllNodes (const PeerHandler *peer, RouteTable *route_table)
bool delete_some_nodes ()
 Background task that deletes nodes in trie.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool running ()

Private Attributes

XorpTask _deleter_task
const PeerHandler_peer

Static Private Attributes

static RouteTables _route_tables
static int _deletions_per_call = 1000

Detailed Description

template<class A>
class DeleteAllNodes< A >

Delete nodes in the cache table trie.

Only one instance of this class exists at any time.

Member Function Documentation

template<class A >
bool DeleteAllNodes< A >::delete_some_nodes ( ) [inline]

Background task that deletes nodes in trie.

true if there are routes to delete.
template<class A >
static bool DeleteAllNodes< A >::running ( ) [inline, static]
true if route tables exist and are still being deleted.

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