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BGPRouteTable< A >

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Public Member Functions

 DumpTable (string tablename, const PeerHandler *peer, const list< const PeerTableInfo< A > * > &peer_list, BGPRouteTable< A > *parent, Safi safi)
int add_route (InternalMessage< A > &rtmsg, BGPRouteTable< A > *caller)
int replace_route (InternalMessage< A > &old_rtmsg, InternalMessage< A > &new_rtmsg, BGPRouteTable< A > *caller)
int delete_route (InternalMessage< A > &rtmsg, BGPRouteTable< A > *caller)
int route_dump (InternalMessage< A > &rtmsg, BGPRouteTable< A > *caller, const PeerHandler *dump_peer)
int push (BGPRouteTable< A > *caller)
const SubnetRoute< A > * lookup_route (const IPNet< A > &net, uint32_t &genid, FPAListRef &pa_list) const
void route_used (const SubnetRoute< A > *route, bool in_use)
RouteTableType type () const
string str () const
bool get_next_message (BGPRouteTable< A > *next_table)
void initiate_background_dump ()
void suspend_dump ()
void peering_is_down (const PeerHandler *peer, uint32_t genid)
 A peer which is down but still deleting routes when this peer is brought up.
void peering_went_down (const PeerHandler *peer, uint32_t genid, BGPRouteTable< A > *caller)
 A peer which does down while dumping is taking place.
void peering_down_complete (const PeerHandler *peer, uint32_t genid, BGPRouteTable< A > *caller)
 A peer that is down and has now completed deleting all its routes.
void peering_came_up (const PeerHandler *peer, uint32_t genid, BGPRouteTable< A > *caller)
 A peer which was previously down came up.
void wakeup ()
 Signal from upstream that triggered data is ready.
void print_and_clear_audit ()

Private Member Functions

void completed ()
 Called when the dump table has completed its tasks.
void schedule_unplumb_self ()
void unplumb_self ()
void wakeup_downstream ()
bool do_next_route_dump ()
EventLoopeventloop () const
void add_audit (const string &log_entry)

Private Attributes

const PeerHandler_peer
DumpIterator< A > _dump_iter
bool _output_busy
int _dumped
bool _dump_active
bool _triggered_event
XorpTimer _dump_timer
bool _waiting_for_deletion_completion
bool _completed
string _audit_entry [AUDIT_LEN]
int _first_audit
int _last_audit
int _audit_entries

template<class A>
class DumpTable< A >

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