ExportCodeGenerator Class Reference

Generates export filter code from a node structure. More...

#include <export_code_generator.hh>

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CodeGenerator Visitor

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Public Member Functions

 ExportCodeGenerator (const string &proto, const SourceMatchCodeGenerator::Tags &t, const VarMap &varmap, PolicyMap &pmap)
const Elementvisit_term (Term &term)

Private Attributes

SourceMatchCodeGenerator::Tags & 
SourceMatchCodeGenerator::Tags::const_iterator _tags_iter

Detailed Description

Generates export filter code from a node structure.

This is a specialized version of the CodeGenerator used for import filters. It skips the source section of terms and replaces it with tag matching instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ExportCodeGenerator::ExportCodeGenerator ( const string &  proto,
const SourceMatchCodeGenerator::Tags &  t,
const VarMap varmap,
PolicyMap pmap 
protoProtocol for which code will be generated.
tinformation on which tags should be used.

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