Face Member List

This is the complete list of members for Face, including all inherited members.
_all_nodes_addrFace [private]
_all_nodes_portFace [private]
_costFace [private]
_countersFace [private]
_enabledFace [private]
_fm (defined in Face)Face [private]
_idFace [private]
_interfaceFace [private]
_local_addrFace [private]
_local_portFace [private]
_md (defined in Face)Face [private]
_mtuFace [private]
_next_pkt_seqnoFace [private]
_nh (defined in Face)Face [private]
_olsr (defined in Face)Face [private]
_vifFace [private]
all_nodes_addr() const Face [inline]
all_nodes_port() const Face [inline]
cost() const Face [inline]
counters()Face [inline]
counters() const Face [inline]
enabled() const Face [inline]
Face(Olsr &olsr, FaceManager &fm, Neighborhood *nh, MessageDecoder &md, const string &interface, const string &vif, OlsrTypes::FaceID id) (defined in Face)Face
get_pkt_seqno()Face [inline]
id() const Face [inline]
interface() const Face [inline]
local_addr() const Face [inline]
local_port() const Face [inline]
mtu() const Face [inline]
set_all_nodes_addr(const IPv4 &all_nodes_addr)Face [inline]
set_all_nodes_port(const uint16_t all_nodes_port)Face [inline]
set_cost(int cost)Face [inline]
set_enabled(bool value)Face
set_local_addr(const IPv4 &local_addr)Face [inline]
set_local_port(const uint16_t local_port)Face [inline]
set_mtu(const uint32_t mtu)Face [inline]
transmit(uint8_t *data, const uint32_t &len)Face
vif() const Face [inline]
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