FaceCounters Class Reference

Per-interface protocol statistics. More...

#include <face.hh>

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Public Member Functions

size_t bad_packets () const
void incr_bad_packets ()
size_t bad_messages () const
void incr_bad_messages ()
size_t messages_from_self () const
void incr_messages_from_self ()
size_t unknown_messages () const
void incr_unknown_messages ()
size_t duplicates () const
void incr_duplicates ()
size_t forwarded () const
void incr_forwarded ()

Private Attributes

uint32_t _bad_packets
 The number of bad packets received on this Face.
uint32_t _bad_messages
 The number of bad messages received on this Face.
uint32_t _duplicates
 The number of messages received on this Face which were already processed according to the duplicate set.
uint32_t _messages_from_self
 The number of messages received on this Face which contained our main address as the origin.
uint32_t _unknown_messages
 The number of messages of unknown type received on this Face.
uint32_t _forwarded
 The number of messages received on this interface which have been forwarded to other nodes.

Detailed Description

Per-interface protocol statistics.

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