FinderTarget Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef Finder::Resolveables Resolveables
typedef map< string, Resolveables > ResolveMap

Public Member Functions

 FinderTarget (const string &name, const string &class_name, const string &cookie, FinderMessengerBase *fm)
const string & name () const
const string & class_name () const
const string & cookie () const
bool enabled () const
void set_enabled (bool en)
const FinderMessengerBasemessenger () const
FinderMessengerBasemessenger ()
const ResolveMap & resolve_map () const
bool add_resolution (const string &key, const string &value)
bool remove_resolutions (const string &key)
const Resolveables * resolveables (const string &key) const
bool add_class_watch (const string &class_name)
void remove_class_watch (const string &class_name)
bool has_class_watch (const string &class_name) const
bool add_instance_watch (const string &instance_name)
void remove_instance_watch (const string &instance_name)
bool has_instance_watch (const string &instance_name) const

Protected Attributes

string _name
string _class_name
string _cookie
bool _enabled
set< string > _classwatches
set< string > _instancewatches
ResolveMap _resolutions

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