FinderXrlCommandQueue Class Reference

Xrl Queue for Finder. More...

#include <finder_xrl_queue.hh>

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Public Types

typedef ref_ptr
< FinderXrlCommandBase

Public Member Functions

 FinderXrlCommandQueue (FinderMessengerBase *messenger)
 FinderXrlCommandQueue (const FinderXrlCommandQueue &oq)
FinderMessengerBasemessenger ()
void enqueue (const Command &cmd)

Protected Member Functions

void push ()
void dispatch_one ()
EventLoopeventloop ()
void crank ()
void kill_messenger ()

Private Member Functions

FinderXrlCommandQueueoperator= (const FinderXrlCommandQueue &)

Private Attributes

list< Command_cmds
bool _pending
XorpTimer _dispatcher


class FinderXrlCommandBase

Detailed Description

Xrl Queue for Finder.

The FinderXrlCommandQueue holds and dispatches Xrls for the Finder. Commands are added with the FinderXrlCommandQueue::enqueue method and are serially dispatched without any additional intervention. During the completion of each Xrl in the queue triggers the sending of the next Xrl.

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