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Fte< A, N >

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Public Member Functions

 FteX (const IPvXNet &net, const IPvX &nexthop, const string &ifname, const string &vifname, uint32_t metric, uint32_t admin_distance, bool xorp_route)
 FteX (int family)
 Constructor for a specified address family.
 FteX (const Fte4 &fte4)
 Copy constructor for Fte4 entry.
 FteX (const Fte6 &fte6)
 Copy constructor for Fte6 entry.
Fte4 get_fte4 () const throw (InvalidCast)
 Get an Fte4 entry.
Fte6 get_fte6 () const throw (InvalidCast)
 Get an Fte6 entry.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FteX::FteX ( const IPvXNet net,
const IPvX nexthop,
const string &  ifname,
const string &  vifname,
uint32_t  metric,
uint32_t  admin_distance,
bool  xorp_route 
) [inline]


netthe network address.
nexthopthe next-hop router address.
ifnamethe interface name.
vifnamethe virtual interface name.
metricthe route metric.
admin_distancethe route admin distance.
xorp_routetrue if this is a XORP route.

Member Function Documentation

Fte4 FteX::get_fte4 ( ) const throw (InvalidCast) [inline]

Get an Fte4 entry.

the corresponding Fte4 entry.
Fte6 FteX::get_fte6 ( ) const throw (InvalidCast) [inline]

Get an Fte6 entry.

the corresponding Fte6 entry.

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