GetTwohopNeighbors Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 GetTwohopNeighbors (XrlRouter &xr, const string &tgt)
void get (int argc, char *argv[])
void output ()

Private Member Functions

void list_cb (const XrlError &e, const XrlAtomList *atoms)
void twohop_neighbor_cb (const XrlError &e, const IPv4 *main_addr, const bool *is_strict, const uint32_t *link_count, const uint32_t *reachability, const uint32_t *coverage)
void fetch_next ()

Private Attributes

list< OlsrTypes::TwoHopNodeID_tnids
list< OlsrTypes::TwoHopNodeID >
list< TwohopNeighborInfo_infos

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