IPv6 Member List

This is the complete list of members for IPv6, including all inherited members.
_addr (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [private]
addr() const IPv6 [inline]
addr_bitlen()IPv6 [inline, static]
ADDR_BITLENIPv6 [static]
addr_bytelen()IPv6 [inline, static]
AF enum value (defined in IPv6)IPv6
af()IPv6 [inline, static]
ALL_ONES(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
ANY(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
bit_count() const IPv6 [inline]
bits(uint32_t lsb, uint32_t len) const IPv6 [inline]
copy_in(const uint8_t *from_uint8)IPv6
copy_in(const in6_addr &from_in6_addr)IPv6
copy_in(const sockaddr &from_sockaddr)IPv6
copy_in(const sockaddr_storage &from_sockaddr_storage)IPv6
copy_in(const sockaddr_in6 &from_sockaddr_in6)IPv6
copy_out(uint8_t *to_uint8) const IPv6
copy_out(in6_addr &to_in6_addr) const IPv6
copy_out(sockaddr &to_sockaddr) const IPv6
copy_out(sockaddr_storage &to_sockaddr_storage) const IPv6
copy_out(sockaddr_in6 &to_sockaddr_in6) const IPv6
DVMRP_ROUTERS(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
InAddrType typedef (defined in IPv6)IPv6
ip_multicast_base_address_mask_len()IPv6 [inline, static]
ip_version()IPv6 [inline, static]
ip_version_str()IPv6 [static]
IPV enum value (defined in IPv6)IPv6
IPv6()IPv6 [inline]
IPv6(const uint8_t *from_uint8)IPv6 [explicit]
IPv6(const uint32_t *from_uint32)IPv6 [explicit]
IPv6(const in6_addr &from_in6_addr)IPv6
IPv6(const sockaddr &sa)IPv6
IPv6(const sockaddr_storage &ss)IPv6
IPv6(const sockaddr_in6 &sin6)IPv6
IPv6(const char *from_cstring)IPv6
is_interfacelocal_multicast() const IPv6
is_linklocal_multicast() const IPv6
is_linklocal_unicast() const IPv6
is_loopback() const IPv6
is_multicast() const IPv6
is_nodelocal_multicast() const IPv6 [inline]
is_unicast() const IPv6
is_zero() const IPv6 [inline]
leading_zero_count() const IPv6 [inline]
LOOPBACK(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
make_prefix(uint32_t mask_len)IPv6 [static]
mask_by_prefix_len(uint32_t prefix_len) const IPv6 [inline]
mask_len() const IPv6
MULTICAST_ALL_ROUTERS(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
MULTICAST_ALL_SYSTEMS(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
MULTICAST_BASE(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
operator!=(const IPv6 &other) const IPv6
operator!=(const IPv6Range &rhs) const IPv6 [inline]
operator&(const IPv6 &other) const IPv6 [inline]
operator<(const IPv6 &other) const IPv6
operator<(const IPv6Range &rhs) const IPv6 [inline]
operator<<(uint32_t left_shift) const IPv6
operator<=(const IPv6Range &rhs) const IPv6 [inline]
operator==(const IPv6 &other) const IPv6
operator==(const IPv6Range &rhs) const IPv6 [inline]
operator>(const IPv6Range &rhs) const IPv6 [inline]
operator>=(const IPv6Range &rhs) const IPv6 [inline]
operator>>(uint32_t right_shift) const IPv6
operator^(const IPv6 &other) const IPv6 [inline]
operator|(const IPv6 &other) const IPv6 [inline]
operator~() const IPv6 [inline]
OSPFIGP_DESIGNATED_ROUTERS(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
OSPFIGP_ROUTERS(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
PIM_ROUTERS(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
RIP2_ROUTERS(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
set_addr(const uint8_t *from_uint8)IPv6 [inline]
SockAddrType typedef (defined in IPv6)IPv6
SSM_ROUTERS(int af=AF_INET6) (defined in IPv6)IPv6 [inline, static]
str() const IPv6
ZERO(int af=AF_INET6)IPv6 [inline, static]
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