IPvXNet Member List

This is the complete list of members for IPvXNet, including all inherited members.
af() const IPvXNet [inline]
IPNet::af()IPNet< A > [inline, static]
common_subnet(const IPNet< A > x, const IPNet< A > y)IPNet< A > [inline, static]
contains(const IPNet &other) const IPNet< A >
contains(const A &addr) const IPNet< A > [inline]
get(IPv4Net &to_ipv4net) const IPvXNet [inline]
get(IPv6Net &to_ipv6net) const IPvXNet [inline]
get_ipv4net() const IPvXNet [inline]
get_ipv6net() const IPvXNet [inline]
ip_class_a_base_prefix(int family)IPvXNet [inline, static]
IPNet::ip_class_a_base_prefix()IPNet< A > [static]
ip_class_b_base_prefix(int family)IPvXNet [inline, static]
IPNet::ip_class_b_base_prefix()IPNet< A > [static]
ip_class_c_base_prefix(int family)IPvXNet [inline, static]
IPNet::ip_class_c_base_prefix()IPNet< A > [static]
ip_experimental_base_prefix(int family)IPvXNet [inline, static]
IPNet::ip_experimental_base_prefix()IPNet< A > [static]
ip_multicast_base_prefix(int family)IPvXNet [inline, static]
IPNet::ip_multicast_base_prefix()IPNet< A > [inline, static]
IPNet()IPNet< A > [inline]
IPNet(const A &a, uint8_t prefix_len)IPNet< A > [inline]
IPNet(const char *from_cstring)IPNet< A > [inline]
IPNet(const IPNet &n)IPNet< A > [inline]
IPNet(const IPvX &ipvx, uint8_t prefix_len) (defined in IPNet< A >)IPNet< A > [inline]
IPvXNet(int family)IPvXNet [inline, explicit]
IPvXNet(const BaseIPvXNet &n)IPvXNet [inline]
IPvXNet(const IPvXNet &n)IPvXNet [inline]
IPvXNet(const IPv4Net &v4net)IPvXNet [inline]
IPvXNet(const IPv6Net &v6net)IPvXNet [inline]
IPvXNet(const char *cp)IPvXNet [inline]
IPvXNet(const IPvX &a, uint8_t prefix_len)IPvXNet [inline]
is_class_a() const IPvXNet [inline]
is_class_b() const IPvXNet [inline]
is_class_c() const IPvXNet [inline]
is_experimental() const IPvXNet [inline]
is_ipv4() const IPvXNet [inline]
is_ipv6() const IPvXNet [inline]
is_multicast() const IPvXNet [inline]
is_overlap(const IPNet &other) const IPNet< A >
is_unicast() const IPvXNet [inline]
is_valid() const IPNet< A > [inline]
masked_addr() const IPNet< A > [inline]
masked_addr_nc() (defined in IPNet< A >)IPNet< A > [inline]
netmask() const IPNet< A > [inline]
operator!=(const U32Range &range) const IPNet< A > [inline]
operator++()IPNet< A >
operator--()IPNet< A >
operator<(const IPNet &other) const IPNet< A >
operator<(const U32Range &range) const IPNet< A > [inline]
operator<=(const U32Range &range) const IPNet< A > [inline]
operator=(const IPNet &n)IPNet< A > [inline]
operator==(const IPNet &other) const IPNet< A > [inline]
operator==(const U32Range &range) const IPNet< A > [inline]
operator>(const U32Range &range) const IPNet< A > [inline]
operator>=(const U32Range &range) const IPNet< A > [inline]
overlap(const IPNet &other) const IPNet< A > [inline]
prefix_len() const IPNet< A > [inline]
set_prefix_len(uint8_t v) (defined in IPNet< A >)IPNet< A > [inline]
str() const IPNet< A >
top_addr() const IPNet< A > [inline]
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