IfConfigErrorReporterBase Class Reference

Base class for propagating error information on from IfConfig. More...

#include <ifconfig_reporter.hh>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void config_error (const string &error_msg)=0
virtual void interface_error (const string &ifname, const string &error_msg)=0
virtual void vif_error (const string &ifname, const string &vifname, const string &error_msg)=0
virtual void vifaddr_error (const string &ifname, const string &vifname, const IPv4 &addr, const string &error_msg)=0
const string & first_error () const
const string & last_error () const
uint32_t error_count () const
void reset ()
 Reset error count and error message.
void log_error (const string &s)

Private Attributes

string _last_error
string _first_error
uint32_t _error_cnt

Detailed Description

Base class for propagating error information on from IfConfig.

When the platform IfConfig updates interfaces it can report errors to an IfConfigErrorReporterBase. The IfConfig instance takes a pointer to the IfConfigErrorReporterBase object it should use.

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t IfConfigErrorReporterBase::error_count ( ) const [inline]
number of errors reported.
const string& IfConfigErrorReporterBase::first_error ( ) const [inline]
error message of first error encountered.
const string& IfConfigErrorReporterBase::last_error ( ) const [inline]
error message of last error encountered.

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