IfMgrIfAtom Class Reference

Interface configuration atom. More...

#include <ifmgr_atoms.hh>

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Public Types

typedef map< string, IfMgrVifAtomVifMap

Public Member Functions

 IfMgrIfAtom (const string &name)
const string & name () const
bool enabled () const
void set_enabled (bool v)
bool discard () const
void set_discard (bool v)
bool unreachable () const
void set_unreachable (bool v)
bool management () const
void set_management (bool v)
uint32_t mtu () const
void set_mtu (uint32_t v)
const Macmac () const
void set_mac (const Mac &v)
uint32_t pif_index () const
void set_pif_index (uint32_t v)
bool no_carrier () const
void set_no_carrier (bool v)
uint64_t baudrate () const
void set_baudrate (uint64_t v)
const string & parent_ifname () const
void set_parent_ifname (const string &v)
const string & iface_type () const
void set_iface_type (const string &v)
const string & vid () const
void set_vid (const string &v)
const VifMap & vifs () const
VifMap & vifs ()
const IfMgrVifAtomfind_vif (const string &vifname) const
IfMgrVifAtomfind_vif (const string &vifname)
bool operator== (const IfMgrIfAtom &o) const
string toString () const

Protected Attributes

string _name
bool _enabled
bool _discard
bool _unreachable
bool _management
uint32_t _mtu
Mac _mac
uint32_t _pif_index
bool _no_carrier
uint64_t _baudrate
string _parent_ifname
string _iface_type
string _vid
VifMap _vifs

Detailed Description

Interface configuration atom.

Represents a physical interface in XORP's model of forwarding h/w. The configuration state includes attributes of the interface and a collection of IfMgrVifAtom objects representing the virtual interfaces associated with the physical interface.

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