IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter Class Reference

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XrlStdRouter XrlRouter XrlDispatcher XrlSender FinderClientObserver XrlCmdMap NONCOPYABLE

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Public Member Functions

 IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter (EventLoop &e, const char *class_name)
 IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter (EventLoop &e, const char *class_name, IPv4 finder_addr)
 IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter (EventLoop &e, const char *class_name, IPv4 finder_addr, uint16_t finder_port)
 IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter (EventLoop &e, const char *class_name, const char *finder_hostname, uint16_t finder_port)
bool attach (IfMgrXrlMirrorRouterObserver *o)
 Attach an observer to router.
bool detach (IfMgrXrlMirrorRouterObserver *o)
 Detach an observer to router.

Protected Member Functions

void finder_ready_event (const string &tgt_name)
 Called when an Xrl Target becomes visible to other processes.
void finder_disconnect_event ()
 Called when Finder disconnect occurs.

Protected Attributes


Member Function Documentation

bool IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter::attach ( IfMgrXrlMirrorRouterObserver o) [inline]

Attach an observer to router.

Only one observer is permitted.

oobserver to attach.
true on success, false if an observer is already registered;
bool IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter::detach ( IfMgrXrlMirrorRouterObserver o) [inline]

Detach an observer to router.

oobserver to detach.
true on success, false if another observer is attached;
void IfMgrXrlMirrorRouter::finder_ready_event ( const string &  tgt_name) [inline, protected, virtual]

Called when an Xrl Target becomes visible to other processes.

Implementers of this method should check tgt_name corresponds to the XrlRouter::instance_name as other targets within same process may cause this method to be invoked.

Default implementation is a no-op.

tgt_namename of Xrl Target becoming ready.

Reimplemented from XrlRouter.

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