IfTree Member List

This is the complete list of members for IfTree, including all inherited members.
_ifindex_map (defined in IfTree)IfTree [private]
_interfaces (defined in IfTree)IfTree [private]
_soft (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [protected]
_st (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [protected]
_vifindex_map (defined in IfTree)IfTree [private]
add_interface(const string &ifname)IfTree
add_recursive_interface(const IfTreeInterface &other_iface, bool mark_state)IfTree
align_with_observed_changes(const IfTree &other, const IfTree &user_config)IfTree
align_with_pulled_changes(const IfTree &other, const IfTree &user_config)IfTree
align_with_user_config(const IfTree &other)IfTree
bits(State st) (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline, protected, static]
CHANGED enum value (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem
CREATED enum value (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem
DELETED enum value (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem
erase_ifindex(IfTreeInterface *ifp) (defined in IfTree)IfTree [protected]
erase_vifindex(IfTreeVif *vifp) (defined in IfTree)IfTree [protected]
finalize_state()IfTree [virtual]
find_addr(const string &ifname, const string &vifname, const IPv4 &addr)IfTree
find_addr(const string &ifname, const string &vifname, const IPv4 &addr) const IfTree
find_addr(const string &ifname, const string &vifname, const IPv6 &addr)IfTree
find_addr(const string &ifname, const string &vifname, const IPv6 &addr) const IfTree
find_interface(const string &ifname)IfTree
find_interface(const string &ifname) const IfTree
find_interface(uint32_t pif_index)IfTree
find_interface(uint32_t pif_index) const IfTree
find_interface_vif_by_addr(const IPvX &addr, const IfTreeInterface *&ifp, const IfTreeVif *&vifp) const IfTree
find_interface_vif_same_subnet_or_p2p(const IPvX &addr, const IfTreeInterface *&ifp, const IfTreeVif *&vifp) const IfTree
find_vif(const string &ifname, const string &vifname)IfTree
find_vif(const string &ifname, const string &vifname) const IfTree
find_vif(uint32_t pif_index)IfTree
find_vif(uint32_t pif_index) const IfTree
getName() const (defined in IfTree)IfTree [inline]
IfIndexMap typedef (defined in IfTree)IfTree
IfMap typedef (defined in IfTree)IfTree
IfTree(const char *tree_name)IfTree
IfTree(const IfTree &other)IfTree
IfTreeInterface (defined in IfTree)IfTree [friend]
IfTreeItem() (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline]
IfTreeVif (defined in IfTree)IfTree [friend]
insert_ifindex(IfTreeInterface *ifp) (defined in IfTree)IfTree [protected]
insert_vifindex(IfTreeVif *vifp) (defined in IfTree)IfTree [protected]
interfaces()IfTree [inline]
interfaces() const IfTree [inline]
is_marked(State st) const (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline]
is_soft() const (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline]
listeners (defined in IfTree)IfTree [mutable, private]
mark(State st) (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline, virtual]
markIfaceDeleted(IfTreeInterface *ifp) (defined in IfTree)IfTree
markVifDeleted(IfTreeVif *ifp) (defined in IfTree)IfTree
name (defined in IfTree)IfTree [private]
NO_CHANGE enum value (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem
operator=(const IfTree &other)IfTree
prepare_replacement_state(const IfTree &other)IfTree
prune_bogus_deleted_state(const IfTree &old_iftree)IfTree
registerListener(IfTreeListener *l) const IfTree
remove_interface(const string &ifname)IfTree
sendEvent(IfTreeVifEventE e, IfTreeVif *vifp) (defined in IfTree)IfTree [protected]
sendEvent(IfTreeIfaceEventE e, IfTreeInterface *ifp) (defined in IfTree)IfTree [protected]
set_soft(bool en) (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline]
set_state(State st) (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline]
State enum name (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem
state() const (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline]
str() const IfTree
unregisterListener(IfTreeListener *l) const IfTree
update_interface(const IfTreeInterface &other_iface)IfTree
VifIndexMap typedef (defined in IfTree)IfTree
~IfTree()IfTree [virtual]
~IfTreeItem() (defined in IfTreeItem)IfTreeItem [inline, virtual]
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