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Public Member Functions

 IpVifInputFilter (IoIpManager &io_ip_manager, IoIpComm &io_ip_comm, const string &receiver_name, const string &if_name, const string &vif_name, uint8_t ip_protocol)
void set_enable_multicast_loopback (bool v)
void recv (const struct IPvXHeaderInfo &header, const vector< uint8_t > &payload)
 Method invoked when data arrives on associated IoIpComm instance.
void recv_system_multicast_upcall (const vector< uint8_t > &payload)
 Method invoked when a multicast forwarding related upcall is received from the system.
void bye ()
 Method invoked by the destructor of the associated IoIpComm instance.
const string & if_name () const
const string & vif_name () const
int join_multicast_group (const IPvX &group_address, string &error_msg)
int leave_multicast_group (const IPvX &group_address, string &error_msg)
void leave_all_multicast_groups ()

Protected Member Functions

bool is_my_address (const IPvX &addr) const

Protected Attributes

const string _if_name
const string _vif_name
set< IPvX_joined_multicast_groups
bool _enable_multicast_loopback

Member Function Documentation

void IpVifInputFilter::bye ( ) [inline, virtual]

Method invoked by the destructor of the associated IoIpComm instance.

This method provides the InputFilter with the opportunity to delete itself or update its state. The input filter does not need to call IoIpComm::remove_filter() since filter removal is automatically conducted.

Implements IoIpComm::InputFilter.

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