LocalData Class Reference

Data that applies to all BGP peerings. More...

#include <local_data.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 LocalData (EventLoop &eventloop)
const AsNumget_as () const
void set_as (const AsNum &a)
 Set this routers AS number.
bool use_4byte_asnums () const
void set_use_4byte_asnums (bool use_4byte_asnums)
 Set whether to send 2 or 4 byte AS numbers.
const IPv4get_id () const
void set_id (const IPv4 &i)
 Set this routers ID.
const AsNumget_confed_id () const
void set_confed_id (const AsNum &confed_id)
 Set this routers confederation ID.
const IPv4get_cluster_id () const
void set_cluster_id (const IPv4 &cluster_id)
 Set this routers cluster ID.
const bool & get_route_reflector () const
 Get the route reflection status.
void set_route_reflector (const bool route_reflector)
 Set the route reflection status.
Dampingget_damping ()
 Return all the route flap damping state.
void set_jitter (bool jitter)
bool get_jitter () const

Private Attributes

AsNum _as
bool _use_4byte_asnums
IPv4 _id
AsNum _confed_id
IPv4 _cluster_id
bool _route_reflector
Damping _damping
bool _jitter

Detailed Description

Data that applies to all BGP peerings.

Currently this is just our AS number and router ID.

Member Function Documentation

const AsNum& LocalData::get_as ( ) const [inline]
This routers AS number.
const IPv4& LocalData::get_cluster_id ( ) const [inline]
the cluster ID of this router.
const AsNum& LocalData::get_confed_id ( ) const [inline]
the confederation ID of this router if set.
const IPv4& LocalData::get_id ( ) const [inline]
This routers ID.
bool LocalData::use_4byte_asnums ( ) const [inline]
true if we use 4 byte AS numbers.

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