LogTable< A > Class Template Reference

A Base for Route Tables that log updates. More...

#include <rt_tab_log.hh>

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RouteTable< A > DebugMsgLogTable< A > OstreamLogTable< A > XLogTraceTable< A >

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Public Member Functions

 LogTable (const string &tablename, RouteTable< A > *parent)
int add_route (const IPRouteEntry< A > &route, RouteTable< A > *caller)
int delete_route (const IPRouteEntry< A > *, RouteTable< A > *caller)
const IPRouteEntry< A > * lookup_route (const IPNet< A > &net) const
const IPRouteEntry< A > * lookup_route (const A &addr) const
RouteRange< A > * lookup_route_range (const A &addr) const
TableType type () const
RouteTable< A > * parent ()
void replumb (RouteTable< A > *old_parent, RouteTable< A > *new_parent)
string str () const
uint32_t update_number () const

Private Attributes

RouteTable< A > * _parent
uint32_t _update_number

Detailed Description

template<typename A>
class LogTable< A >

A Base for Route Tables that log updates.

Users of this class specify expected updates with expect_add and expect_delete. As the updates come through they are compared against those expect and generate an assertion failure if those arriving do not match those expected. An assertion failure will also occur if there are unmatched updates upon instance destruction.

This class is strictly for debugging and testing purposes.

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