LsaTempStore Class Reference

Router-LSA and Intra-Area-Prefix-LSA store. More...

#include <area_router.hh>

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Public Member Functions

void add_router_lsa (Lsa::LsaRef lsar)
list< Lsa::LsaRef > & get_router_lsas (OspfTypes::RouterID rid)
void add_intra_area_prefix_lsa (IntraAreaPrefixLsa *iaplsa)
list< IntraAreaPrefixLsa * > & get_intra_area_prefix_lsas (OspfTypes::RouterID rid)

Private Attributes

map< OspfTypes::RouterID, list
< Lsa::LsaRef > > 
map< OspfTypes::RouterID, list
< IntraAreaPrefixLsa * > > 

Detailed Description

Router-LSA and Intra-Area-Prefix-LSA store.

In OSPFv3 a router can generate multiple Router-LSAs and Intra-Area-Prefix-LSAs, hold a store of the LSAs indexed by router ID. NOTE: LsaTempStore should only be used as temporary storage during the routing computation.

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