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Public Member Functions

 MasterConfigTreeNode (bool verbose)
 MasterConfigTreeNode (const MasterConfigTreeNode &ctn)
 MasterConfigTreeNode (const string &node_name, const string &path, const TemplateTreeNode *ttn, MasterConfigTreeNode *parent, const ConfigNodeId &node_id, uid_t user_id, bool verbose)
virtual ConfigTreeNodecreate_node (const string &segment, const string &path, const TemplateTreeNode *ttn, ConfigTreeNode *parent_node, const ConfigNodeId &node_id, uid_t user_id, uint32_t clientid, bool verbose)
virtual ConfigTreeNodecreate_node (const ConfigTreeNode &ctn)
void command_status_callback (const Command *cmd, bool success)
void find_changed_modules (set< string > &changed_modules) const
void find_active_modules (set< string > &active_modules) const
void find_all_modules (set< string > &all_modules) const
void initialize_commit ()
bool children_changed ()
bool commit_changes (TaskManager &task_manager, bool do_commit, int depth, int last_depth, string &error_msg, bool &needs_activate, bool &needs_update)
bool check_commit_status (string &error_msg) const
void finalize_commit ()

Protected Attributes

int _actions_pending
bool _actions_succeeded
const Command_cmd_that_failed

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