Message Class Reference

An OLSR protocol message. More...

#include <message.hh>

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HelloMessage HnaMessage MidMessage TcMessage UnknownMessage EtxHelloMessage EtxTcMessage

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Public Member Functions

TimeVal receive_time () const
TimeVal expiry_time () const
bool valid () const
bool is_first () const
bool is_last () const
void set_is_first (bool arg)
void set_is_last (bool arg)
bool forwarded () const
OlsrTypes::FaceID faceid () const
uint8_t hops () const
void incr_hops ()
uint16_t seqno () const
uint8_t ttl () const
void decr_ttl ()
IPv4 origin () const
OlsrTypes::MessageType type () const
void set_hop_count (uint8_t hops)
void set_forwarded (bool is_forwarded)
void set_expiry_time (const TimeVal &expiry_time)
void set_receive_time (const TimeVal &receive_time)
void set_seqno (uint16_t seqno)
void set_ttl (uint8_t ttl)
void set_type (OlsrTypes::MessageType type)
void set_valid (bool is_valid)
void set_origin (IPv4 origin)
void set_faceid (OlsrTypes::FaceID faceid)
virtual Messagedecode (uint8_t *buf, size_t &len)=0 throw (InvalidMessage)
virtual bool encode (uint8_t *buf, size_t &len)=0
virtual size_t length () const =0
virtual string str () const =0
string common_str () const
uint16_t adv_message_length () const

Static Public Member Functions

static size_t get_common_header_length ()

Protected Member Functions

size_t decode_common_header (uint8_t *buf, size_t &len) throw (InvalidMessage)
bool encode_common_header (uint8_t *buf, size_t &len)
void store (uint8_t *ptr, size_t len)

Protected Attributes

TimeVal _receive_time
TimeVal _expiry_time
bool _is_valid
bool _is_forwarded
bool _is_first
bool _is_last
OlsrTypes::FaceID _faceid
IPv4 _origin
uint8_t _type
uint8_t _ttl
uint8_t _hops
uint16_t _seqno
uint16_t _adv_message_length
vector< uint8_t > _msg

Detailed Description

An OLSR protocol message.

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