MidEntry Class Reference

A multiple interface record (MID). More...

#include <topology.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 MidEntry (EventLoop &ev, TopologyManager *parent, const OlsrTypes::MidEntryID id, const IPv4 &iface_addr, const IPv4 &main_addr, const uint16_t distance, const TimeVal &vtime)
OlsrTypes::MidEntryID id () const
IPv4 iface_addr () const
IPv4 main_addr () const
uint16_t distance () const
void set_distance (const uint16_t distance)
TimeVal time_remaining () const
void update_timer (const TimeVal &vtime)
 Update the MidEntry's expiry timer.
void event_dead ()
 Callback method to: delete a dying MidEntry.

Private Attributes

OlsrTypes::MidEntryID _id
IPv4 _iface_addr
IPv4 _main_addr
uint16_t _distance
XorpTimer _expiry_timer

Detailed Description

A multiple interface record (MID).

There is one MidEntry per interface address advertised by an OLSR peer. As such, a primary address may be associated with multiple MID entries.

Member Function Documentation

TimeVal MidEntry::time_remaining ( ) const [inline]
the amount of time remaining until this MID entry expires.
void MidEntry::update_timer ( const TimeVal vtime)

Update the MidEntry's expiry timer.

vtimethe new value of the expiry timer.

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