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Public Member Functions

 NetworkLsa (OspfTypes::Version version)
 NetworkLsa (OspfTypes::Version version, uint8_t *buf, size_t len)
size_t min_length () const
uint16_t get_ls_type () const
 It is the responsibilty of the derived type to return this information.
LsaRef decode (uint8_t *buf, size_t &len) const throw (InvalidPacket)
 Decode an LSA.
bool encode ()
 Encode an LSA for transmission.
void set_options (uint32_t options)
uint32_t get_options () const
void set_network_mask (uint32_t network_mask)
uint32_t get_network_mask () const
list< OspfTypes::RouterID > & get_attached_routers ()
const char * name () const
 Printable name of this LSA.
string str () const
 Generate a printable representation.

Private Attributes

uint32_t _options
uint32_t _network_mask
list< OspfTypes::RouterID_attached_routers

Member Function Documentation

Lsa::LsaRef NetworkLsa::decode ( uint8_t *  buf,
size_t &  len 
) const throw (InvalidPacket) [virtual]

Decode an LSA.

bufpointer to buffer.
lenlength of the buffer on input set to the number of bytes consumed on output.
A reference to an LSA that manages its own memory.

Implements Lsa.

bool NetworkLsa::encode ( ) [virtual]

Encode an LSA for transmission.

True on success.

Implements Lsa.

uint16_t NetworkLsa::get_ls_type ( ) const [inline, virtual]

It is the responsibilty of the derived type to return this information.

The type this lsa represents.

Implements Lsa.

size_t NetworkLsa::min_length ( ) const [inline, virtual]
the minimum length of a Network-LSA.

Implements Lsa.

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