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Public Member Functions

 NotificationPacket (const uint8_t *d, uint16_t l) throw (CorruptMessage)
 NotificationPacket (uint8_t ec, uint8_t esc=0, const uint8_t *d=0, size_t l=0)
uint8_t error_code () const
uint8_t error_subcode () const
const uint8_t * error_data () const
bool encode (uint8_t *buf, size_t &len, const BGPPeerData *peerdata) const
string str () const
bool operator== (const NotificationPacket &him) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool validate_error_code (const int error, const int subcode)
 Verify that the supplied error code and subcode are legal.
static string pretty_print_error_code (const int error, const int subcode, const uint8_t *error_data=0, const size_t len=0)
 Generate a human readable error string.

Private Member Functions

 NotificationPacket (const NotificationPacket &Notificationpacket)

Private Attributes

size_t _Length
const uint8_t * _error_data
uint8_t _error_code
uint8_t _error_subcode

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