NotifyQueueEntry Class Reference

Base class for a queue entry to be held in a NotifyQueue. More...

#include <register_server.hh>

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NotifyQueueChangedEntry< A > NotifyQueueInvalidateEntry< A >

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Public Types

enum  EntryType { CHANGED, INVALIDATE }

The type of notifcation: either the data (nexthop, metric, admin_distance) associated with the registered route changed, or the data has changed enough that the registration has been invalidated and the client needs to register again to find out what happened.

Public Member Functions

 NotifyQueueEntry ()
 NotifyQueueEntry constructor.
virtual ~NotifyQueueEntry ()
 NotifyQueueEntry destructor.
virtual void send (ResponseSender *response_sender, const string &module_name, NotifyQueue::XrlCompleteCB &cb)=0
 Send the queue entry (pure virtual)
virtual EntryType type () const =0

Detailed Description

Base class for a queue entry to be held in a NotifyQueue.

Member Function Documentation

virtual EntryType NotifyQueueEntry::type ( ) const [pure virtual]
The type of queue entry
See also:

Implemented in NotifyQueueChangedEntry< A >, and NotifyQueueInvalidateEntry< A >.

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