PacketAssemblerSpecState< IPv6 > Class Template Reference

IPv6 specialized PacketAssembler state. More...

#include <packet_assembly.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 PacketAssemblerSpecState (Port< IPv6 > &)
uint32_t max_entries () const
void reset_last_nexthop ()
void set_last_nexthop (const IPv6 &ip6)
const IPv6last_nexthop () const

Private Attributes

uint32_t _max_entries
IPv6 _lnh

Detailed Description

class PacketAssemblerSpecState< IPv6 >

IPv6 specialized PacketAssembler state.

This provides a means to query the RIP port and query the configured maximum entries per packet. XXX At present it's a placeholder and returns a fixed value.

It also stores the last used nexthop value since nexthops are only packed when they change.

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