PathAttributeList< A > Class Template Reference

PathAttributeList is used to handle efficiently path attribute lists. More...

#include <path_attribute.hh>

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Public Types

typedef list< PathAttribute * >
typedef list< PathAttribute * >

Public Member Functions

 PathAttributeList (const PathAttributeList< A > &palist)
 PathAttributeList (FPAListRef &fpa_list)
string str () const
bool operator< (const PathAttributeList< A > &them) const
bool operator== (const PathAttributeList< A > &them) const
const uint8_t * canonical_data () const
size_t canonical_length () const
void incr_refcount (uint32_t change) const
void decr_refcount (uint32_t change) const
uint32_t references () const
void incr_managed_refcount (uint32_t change) const
void decr_managed_refcount (uint32_t change) const
uint32_t managed_references () const
bool operator< (const PathAttributeList< IPv6 > &him) const

Protected Attributes

uint8_t * _canonical_data
uint16_t _canonical_length

Private Attributes

uint32_t _refcount
uint32_t _managed_refcount

Detailed Description

template<class A>
class PathAttributeList< A >

PathAttributeList is used to handle efficiently path attribute lists.

An object in the class is initialized from explicit PathAttribute objects passed in by reference. The initialization creates a copy of the attribute, links it into a list, and for mandatory attributes it also stores a pointer to the newly created attribute into a class member (e.g. _aspath_att ...) for ease of use.

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