PeerTableInfo< A > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

 PeerTableInfo (BGPRouteTable< A > *init_route_table, const PeerHandler *ph, uint32_t genid)
 PeerTableInfo (const PeerTableInfo &other)
BGPRouteTable< A > * route_table () const
const PeerHandlerpeer_handler () const
void set_genid (uint32_t genid)
uint32_t genid () const
bool is_ready () const
void set_is_ready ()
void set_is_not_ready ()
bool has_queued_data () const
void set_has_queued_data (bool has_data)
void set_queue_position (typename list< const RouteQueueEntry< A > * >::iterator posn)
list< const RouteQueueEntry< A >
* >::iterator 
queue_position () const
void received_get ()
void wakeup_sent ()
void peer_reset ()

Private Attributes

BGPRouteTable< A > * _route_table
const PeerHandler_peer_handler
bool _has_queued_data
int _peer_number
uint32_t _genid
bool _is_ready
list< const RouteQueueEntry< A >
* >::iterator 
bool _waiting_for_get
TimeVal _wakeup_sent

template<class A>
class PeerTableInfo< A >

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