PimJpGroup Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 PimJpGroup (PimJpHeader &jp_header, int family)
int family () const
PimJpHeaderjp_header ()
const IPvXgroup_addr () const
void set_group_addr (const IPvX &v)
uint8_t group_mask_len () const
void set_group_mask_len (uint8_t v)
void incr_jp_groups_n ()
void decr_jp_groups_n ()
uint32_t j_sources_n () const
uint32_t p_sources_n () const
void set_j_sources_n (uint32_t v)
void set_p_sources_n (uint32_t v)
void incr_j_sources_n ()
void decr_j_sources_n ()
void incr_p_sources_n ()
void decr_p_sources_n ()
PimJpSourcesrp ()
PimJpSourceswc ()
PimJpSourcessg ()
PimJpSourcessg_rpt ()
size_t message_size () const

Private Attributes

int _family
IPvX _group_addr
uint8_t _group_mask_len
uint32_t _j_sources_n
uint32_t _p_sources_n
PimJpSources _rp
PimJpSources _wc
PimJpSources _sg
PimJpSources _sg_rpt

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