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Public Member Functions

 PimMrt (PimNode *pim_node)
PimNodepim_node () const
PimMrtSgpim_mrt_sg ()
PimMrtSgpim_mrt_sg_rpt ()
PimMrtGpim_mrt_g ()
PimMrtRppim_mrt_rp ()
PimMrtMfcpim_mrt_mfc ()
void clear ()
PimMrepim_mre_find (const IPvX &source, const IPvX &group, uint32_t lookup_flags, uint32_t create_flags)
PimMfcpim_mfc_find (const IPvX &source, const IPvX &group, bool is_creation_allowed)
int remove_pim_mre (PimMre *pim_mre)
int remove_pim_mfc (PimMfc *pim_mfc)
int signal_message_nocache_recv (const string &src_module_instance_name, uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &src, const IPvX &dst)
int signal_message_wrongvif_recv (const string &src_module_instance_name, uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &src, const IPvX &dst)
int signal_message_wholepkt_recv (const string &src_module_instance_name, uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &src, const IPvX &dst, const uint8_t *rcvbuf, size_t rcvlen)
void receive_data (uint32_t iif_vif_index, const IPvX &src, const IPvX &dst)
int signal_dataflow_recv (const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr, uint32_t threshold_interval_sec, uint32_t threshold_interval_usec, uint32_t measured_interval_sec, uint32_t measured_interval_usec, uint32_t threshold_packets, uint32_t threshold_bytes, uint32_t measured_packets, uint32_t measured_bytes, bool is_threshold_in_packets, bool is_threshold_in_bytes, bool is_geq_upcall, bool is_leq_upcall)
int family () const
PimMribTablepim_mrib_table ()
Mifset & i_am_dr ()
PimVifvif_find_by_vif_index (uint32_t vif_index)
PimVifvif_find_pim_register ()
uint32_t pim_register_vif_index () const
const PimMreTrackStatepim_mre_track_state () const
void track_state_print_actions_name () const
void track_state_print_actions_num () const
void add_task (PimMreTask *pim_mre_task)
void delete_task (PimMreTask *pim_mre_task)
void schedule_task ()
void add_task_rp_changed (const IPvX &affected_rp_addr)
void add_task_mrib_changed (const IPvXNet &modified_prefix_addr)
void add_task_delete_mrib_entries (const list< Mrib * > &mrib_list)
void add_task_nbr_mrib_next_hop_changed (const IPvXNet &modified_prefix_addr)
void add_task_nbr_mrib_next_hop_rp_gen_id_changed (const IPvX &rp_addr)
void add_task_pim_nbr_changed (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &pim_nbr_addr)
void add_task_pim_nbr_gen_id_changed (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &pim_nbr_addr)
void add_task_assert_rpf_interface_wc (uint32_t old_rpf_interface_rp, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_assert_rpf_interface_sg (uint32_t old_rpf_interface_s, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_receive_join_rp (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &rp_addr)
void add_task_receive_join_wc (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_receive_join_sg (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_receive_join_sg_rpt (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_receive_prune_rp (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &rp_addr)
void add_task_receive_prune_wc (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_see_prune_wc (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &group_addr, const IPvX &target_nbr_addr)
void add_task_receive_prune_sg (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_receive_prune_sg_rpt (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_receive_end_of_message_sg_rpt (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_downstream_jp_state_rp (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &rp_addr)
void add_task_downstream_jp_state_wc (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_downstream_jp_state_sg (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_downstream_jp_state_sg_rpt (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_upstream_jp_state_sg (const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_local_receiver_include_wc (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_local_receiver_include_sg (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_local_receiver_exclude_sg (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_assert_state_wc (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_assert_state_sg (uint32_t vif_index, const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_i_am_dr (uint32_t vif_index)
void add_task_my_ip_address (uint32_t vif_index)
void add_task_my_ip_subnet_address (uint32_t vif_index)
void add_task_spt_switch_threshold_changed ()
void add_task_was_switch_to_spt_desired_sg (const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_keepalive_timer_sg (const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_sptbit_sg (const IPvX &source_addr, const IPvX &group_addr)
void add_task_start_vif (uint32_t vif_index)
void add_task_stop_vif (uint32_t vif_index)
void add_task_add_pim_mre (PimMre *pim_mre)
void add_task_delete_pim_mre (PimMre *pim_mre)
void add_task_delete_pim_mfc (PimMfc *pim_mfc)
list< PimMreTask * > & pim_mre_task_list ()

Private Member Functions

void pim_mre_task_timer_timeout ()

Private Attributes

PimMrtSg _pim_mrt_sg
PimMrtSg _pim_mrt_sg_rpt
PimMrtG _pim_mrt_g
PimMrtRp _pim_mrt_rp
PimMrtMfc _pim_mrt_mfc
PimMreTrackState _pim_mre_track_state
list< PimMreTask * > _pim_mre_task_list
XorpTimer _pim_mre_task_timer

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