PolicyConnectedTable< A > Class Template Reference

This table will filter connected routes. More...

#include <rt_tab_pol_conn.hh>

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RouteTable< A >

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Public Member Functions

 PolicyConnectedTable (RouteTable< A > *parent, PolicyFilters &pfs)
int add_route (const IPRouteEntry< A > &route, RouteTable< A > *caller)
int delete_route (const IPRouteEntry< A > *route, RouteTable< A > *caller)
const IPRouteEntry< A > * lookup_route (const IPNet< A > &net) const
const IPRouteEntry< A > * lookup_route (const A &addr) const
RouteRange< A > * lookup_route_range (const A &addr) const
TableType type () const
RouteTable< A > * parent ()
void replumb (RouteTable< A > *old_parent, RouteTable< A > *new_parent)
string str () const
void push_routes ()
 Push all the routes through the filter again.

Static Public Attributes

static const string table_name = "policy-connected-table"

Private Types

typedef Trie< A, const
IPRouteEntry< A > * > 

Private Member Functions

void do_filtering (IPRouteEntry< A > &r)
 Route may be modified [its policy tags].

Private Attributes

RouteTable< A > * _parent
RouteContainer _route_table

Detailed Description

template<class A>
class PolicyConnectedTable< A >

This table will filter connected routes.

This table stores all routes it receives from the origin table. It then filters them modifying only policytags. It has the ability to push routes through the filter again, causing only policytags on routes to be updated [no route deletion / replacement].

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class A >
PolicyConnectedTable< A >::PolicyConnectedTable ( RouteTable< A > *  parent,
PolicyFilters pfs 
parentparent table.
pfsthe connected routes policy filters.

Member Function Documentation

template<class A >
void PolicyConnectedTable< A >::do_filtering ( IPRouteEntry< A > &  r) [private]

Route may be modified [its policy tags].

No need to check for route being accepted / rejected -- it is always accepted [only source match filtering].

rroute to filter.

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