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Public Member Functions

 ProgramAction (TemplateTreeNode &template_tree_node, const list< string > &action) throw (ParseError)
virtual bool expand_action (string &error_msg)
int execute (const MasterConfigTreeNode &ctn, TaskManager &task_manager, TaskProgramItem::ProgramCallback program_cb) const
template<class TreeNode >
int expand_program_variables (const TreeNode &tn, string &result, string &error_msg) const
string related_module () const
string affected_module () const
const string & request () const
const string & stdout_variable_name () const
const string & stderr_variable_name () const

Private Member Functions

bool check_program_is_valid (const list< string > &action, string &error_msg)
void parse_program_response (const string &part) throw (ParseError)

Private Attributes

string _module_name
list< string > _split_request
string _request
list< string > _split_response
string _response
string _stdout_variable_name
string _stderr_variable_name

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