RIBVarRW< A > Member List

This is the complete list of members for RIBVarRW< A >, including all inherited members.
_ef (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A > [private]
_route (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A > [private]
enable_trace(bool on)VarRW
end_write()SingleVarRW [inline, virtual]
Id typedef (defined in VarRW)VarRW
initialize(const Id &id, Element *e)SingleVarRW
initialize(PolicyTags &pt) (defined in SingleVarRW)SingleVarRW
more_tracelog()VarRW [virtual]
read(const Id &id)SingleVarRW [virtual]
read_route_nexthop(IPRouteEntry< A > &r)RIBVarRW< A > [private]
read_route_nexthop(IPRouteEntry< IPv4 > &route) (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A > [private]
read_route_nexthop(IPRouteEntry< IPv6 > &route) (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A > [private]
read_trace(const Id &id)VarRW
reset_trace() (defined in VarRW)VarRW
RIBVarRW(IPRouteEntry< A > &route)RIBVarRW< A >
single_read(const Id &id)RIBVarRW< A > [virtual]
single_write(const Id &id, const Element &e)RIBVarRW< A > [virtual]
SingleVarRW() (defined in SingleVarRW)SingleVarRW
start_read()RIBVarRW< A > [virtual]
start_write()SingleVarRW [inline, virtual]
sync()SingleVarRW [virtual]
VAR_FILTER_EX enum value (defined in VarRW)VarRW
VAR_FILTER_IM enum value (defined in VarRW)VarRW
VAR_FILTER_SM enum value (defined in VarRW)VarRW
VAR_MAX enum value (defined in VarRW)VarRW
VAR_METRIC enum value (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A >
VAR_NETWORK4 enum value (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A >
VAR_NETWORK6 enum value (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A >
VAR_NEXTHOP4 enum value (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A >
VAR_NEXTHOP6 enum value (defined in RIBVarRW< A >)RIBVarRW< A >
VAR_POLICYTAGS enum value (defined in VarRW)VarRW
VAR_PROTOCOL enum value (defined in VarRW)VarRW
VAR_TAG enum value (defined in VarRW)VarRW
VAR_TRACE enum value (defined in VarRW)VarRW
VarRW() (defined in VarRW)VarRW
write(const Id &id, const Element &e)SingleVarRW [virtual]
write_trace(const Id &id, const Element &e)VarRW
~SingleVarRW() (defined in SingleVarRW)SingleVarRW [virtual]
~VarRW() (defined in VarRW)VarRW [virtual]
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