RealTrie< A > Class Template Reference

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struct  Tree

Public Types

typedef XorpCallback3< void,
const UpdatePacket *, const
IPNet< A > &, const TimeVal & >

Public Member Functions

bool empty () const
void tree_walk_table (const TreeWalker &tw) const
bool insert (const IPNet< A > &net, TriePayload &p)
bool insert (A address, size_t mask_length, TriePayload &p)
void del ()
bool del (const IPNet< A > &net)
bool del (A address, size_t mask_length)
TriePayload find (const IPNet< A > &net) const
TriePayload find (A address, size_t mask_length) const
TriePayload find (const A &address) const

Private Member Functions

void tree_walk_table (const TreeWalker &, const Tree *ptr, A address, size_t prefix_len, A orbit) const
void del (Tree *ptr)
bool del (Tree *ptr, A address, size_t mask_length)

Private Attributes

bool _debug
bool _pretty
Tree _head

template<class A>
class RealTrie< A >

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