RefTriePreOrderIterator< A, Payload > Class Template Reference

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Public Types

typedef IPNet< A > Key
typedef ::RefTrie< A, Payload > RefTrie
typedef RefTrieNode< A, Payload > Node

Public Member Functions

 RefTriePreOrderIterator ()
 RefTriePreOrderIterator (const RefTrie *trie, Node *n)
 constructor for exact searches: both the current node and the search key are taken from n, so the iterator will only loop once.
 RefTriePreOrderIterator (const RefTrie *trie, Node *n, const Key &k)
 construct for subtree scanning: the root key is set explicitly, and the current node is set according to the search order.
 RefTriePreOrderIterator (const RefTriePreOrderIterator &x)
RefTriePreOrderIteratorbegin ()
 move to the starting position according to the visiting order
RefTriePreOrderIterator operator++ (int)
 Postfix increment.
RefTriePreOrderIteratoroperator++ ()
 Prefix increment.
 operator RefTriePostOrderIterator< A, Payload > () const
 Conversion operator.
void next () const
void force_valid () const
Nodecur () const
bool operator== (const RefTriePreOrderIterator &x) const
bool operator!= (const RefTriePreOrderIterator &x) const
Payload & payload ()
const Keykey () const
RefTriePreOrderIteratoroperator= (const RefTriePreOrderIterator &x)

Private Member Functions

bool node_is_right (Node *n) const

Private Attributes

Key _root
const RefTrie * _trie


class RefTriePostOrderIterator< A, Payload >

template<class A, class Payload>
class RefTriePreOrderIterator< A, Payload >

Member Function Documentation

template<class A, class Payload>
RefTriePreOrderIterator< A, Payload >::operator RefTriePostOrderIterator< A, Payload > ( ) const [inline]

Conversion operator.

Converts into a PostOrderIterator

template<class A, class Payload>
RefTriePreOrderIterator& RefTriePreOrderIterator< A, Payload >::operator++ ( ) [inline]

Prefix increment.

Updates position of iterator in tree.

position of iterator after increment.
template<class A, class Payload>
RefTriePreOrderIterator RefTriePreOrderIterator< A, Payload >::operator++ ( int  ) [inline]

Postfix increment.

Updates position of iterator in tree.

position of iterator before increment.

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