RibNotifierBase< A > Class Template Reference

Base class for RIB notificatiers. More...

#include <rib_notifier_base.hh>

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XrlRibNotifier< A >

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Public Member Functions

 RibNotifierBase (EventLoop &eventloop, UpdateQueue< A > &update_queue, uint32_t poll_ms=DEFAULT_POLL_MS)

Static Public Attributes

static const uint32_t DEFAULT_POLL_MS = 1000

Protected Member Functions

virtual void updates_available ()=0
void start_polling ()
void stop_polling ()
bool poll_updates ()

Protected Attributes

UpdateQueue< A > & _uq
UpdateQueue< A >::ReadIterator _ri
uint32_t _poll_ms
XorpTimer _t

Detailed Description

template<typename A>
class RibNotifierBase< A >

Base class for RIB notificatiers.

This class acts as a base class for RIB notifiers. RIB notifiers are classes that convey RIP routes to the RIB. The base class implements update queue polling. When polling is enabled, it polls the UpdateQueue periodically for updates to be send to the RIB. If updates are available available it calls updates_available() which derived classes implement according to their needs.

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