RibRegisterQueueEntry< A > Class Template Reference

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RibRequestQueueEntry< A >

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Public Types

typedef RibRequestQueueEntry< A > QE

Public Member Functions

 RibRegisterQueueEntry (A nexthop, IPNet< A > net_from_route, NhLookupTable< A > *requester)
 RibRegisterQueueEntry (A nexthop, uint32_t ref_cnt, bool resolvable, uint32_t metric)
void register_nexthop (IPNet< A > net_from_route, NhLookupTable< A > *requester)
bool deregister_nexthop (IPNet< A > net_from_route, NhLookupTable< A > *requester)
void reregister_nexthop (uint32_t ref_cnt, bool resolvable, uint32_t metric)
bool resolvable () const
bool reregister () const
bool new_register () const
bool metric () const
const A & nexthop () const
uint32_t ref_cnt () const
NHRequest< A > & requests ()

Private Attributes

bool _new_register
NHRequest< A > _requests
bool _reregister
uint32_t _ref_cnt
bool _resolvable
 The old answer if we are in the process of reregistering so that lookups will be satisfied with this old answer.
uint32_t _metric

template<class A>
class RibRegisterQueueEntry< A >

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