RibRequestQueueEntry< A > Class Template Reference

The queue of outstanding requests to the RIB. More...

#include <next_hop_resolver.hh>

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RibDeregisterQueueEntry< A > RibRegisterQueueEntry< A >

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Public Types

enum  RegisterMode { REGISTER, DEREGISTER }

Public Member Functions

 RibRequestQueueEntry (RegisterMode mode)

Protected Attributes

RegisterMode _register_mode

Detailed Description

template<class A>
class RibRequestQueueEntry< A >

The queue of outstanding requests to the RIB.

Requests can have arrived in this queue in two ways. A simple call down from the next hop table or due to the previous result being marked invalid by an upcall from the RIB. The class variables "_register" and "_reregister" denote how the entry was created. It is possible that an upcall from the RIB has caused a queue entry, followed by a downcall from the next hop table in which case both "_register" and "_reregister" will be true.

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