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Public Member Functions

 RpTable (PimNode &pim_node)
 RpTable::RpTable: : The associated PIM node.
 ~RpTable ()
 RpTable::~RpTable: @:
void clear ()
 Clear the entry.
int start ()
 RpTable::start: @:
int stop ()
 RpTable::stop: @:
PimNodepim_node ()
PimRprp_find (const IPvX &group_addr)
PimRpadd_rp (const IPvX &rp_addr, uint8_t rp_priority, const IPvXNet &group_prefix, uint8_t hash_mask_len, PimRp::rp_learned_method_t rp_learned_method)
int delete_rp (const IPvX &rp_addr, const IPvXNet &group_prefix, PimRp::rp_learned_method_t rp_learned_method)
int delete_all_group_prefixes_rp (const IPvX &rp_addr, PimRp::rp_learned_method_t rp_learned_method)
int delete_all_rps (PimRp::rp_learned_method_t rp_learned_method)
bool apply_rp_changes ()
void add_pim_mre (PimMre *pim_mre)
void add_pim_mfc (PimMfc *pim_mfc)
void delete_pim_mre (PimMre *pim_mre)
void delete_pim_mfc (PimMfc *pim_mfc)
list< PimRp * > & rp_list ()
list< PimRp * > & processing_rp_list ()
void init_processing_pim_mre_wc (const IPvX &rp_addr)
void init_processing_pim_mre_sg (const IPvX &rp_addr)
void init_processing_pim_mre_sg_rpt (const IPvX &rp_addr)
void init_processing_pim_mfc (const IPvX &rp_addr)
PimRpfind_processing_pim_mre_wc (const IPvX &rp_addr)
PimRpfind_processing_pim_mre_sg (const IPvX &rp_addr)
PimRpfind_processing_pim_mre_sg_rpt (const IPvX &rp_addr)
PimRpfind_processing_pim_mfc (const IPvX &rp_addr)
PimRpfind_processing_rp_by_addr (const IPvX &rp_addr)
bool has_rp_addr (const IPvX &rp_addr)

Private Member Functions

PimRpcompare_rp (const IPvX &group_addr, PimRp *rp1, PimRp *rp2) const
uint32_t derived_addr (const IPvX &addr) const

Private Attributes

list< PimRp * > _rp_list
list< PimRp * > _processing_rp_list

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RpTable::RpTable ( PimNode pim_node)

RpTable::RpTable: : The associated PIM node.

RpTable constructor.

RpTable::~RpTable ( )

RpTable::~RpTable: @:

RpTable destructor.

Member Function Documentation

int RpTable::start ( )

RpTable::start: @:

Start the RP table.

Return value: XORP_OK on success, otherwize XORP_ERROR.

Reimplemented from ProtoState.

int RpTable::stop ( )

RpTable::stop: @:

Stop the RP table.

Return value: XORP_OK on success, otherwise XORP_ERROR.

Reimplemented from ProtoState.

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