ServiceFilteredChangeObserver Class Reference

Selective Change Observer. More...

#include <service.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 ServiceFilteredChangeObserver (ServiceChangeObserverBase *child, ServiceStatus from_mask, ServiceStatus to_mask)

Protected Member Functions

void status_change (ServiceBase *service, ServiceStatus old_status, ServiceStatus new_status)

Protected Attributes

ServiceStatus _from_mask
ServiceStatus _to_mask

Detailed Description

Selective Change Observer.

Forwards limited subset of status changes to a status change observer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ServiceFilteredChangeObserver::ServiceFilteredChangeObserver ( ServiceChangeObserverBase child,
ServiceStatus  from_mask,
ServiceStatus  to_mask 


Only changes from the states represented in from_mask to the states represented in to_mask are reported.

childrecipient of status changes.
from_maskmask of states left to trigger changes.
to_maskmask of states entered to trigger changes.

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