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Public Member Functions

 SlaveConfigTree (XorpClient &xclient, bool verbose)
 SlaveConfigTree (const string &configuration, TemplateTree *tt, XorpClient &xclient, uint32_t clientid, bool verbose) throw (InitError)
virtual ConfigTreeNodecreate_node (const string &segment, const string &path, const TemplateTreeNode *ttn, ConfigTreeNode *parent_node, const ConfigNodeId &node_id, uid_t user_id, bool verbose)
virtual ConfigTreecreate_tree (TemplateTree *tt, bool verbose)
bool parse (const string &configuration, const string &config_file, string &errmsg)
bool commit_changes (string &response, XorpShellBase &xorpsh, CallBack cb)
void commit_phase2 (const XrlError &e, const bool *locked, const uint32_t *lock_holder, CallBack cb, XorpShellBase *xorpsh)
void commit_phase3 (const XrlError &e, CallBack cb, XorpShellBase *xorpsh)
void commit_phase4 (bool success, const string &errmsg, CallBack cb, XorpShellBase *xorpsh)
void commit_phase5 (const XrlError &e, bool success, CallBack cb, XorpShellBase *xorpsh)
void save_phase4 (bool success, const string &errmsg, CallBack cb, XorpShellBase *xorpsh)
void save_phase5 (const XrlError &e, bool success, CallBack cb, XorpShellBase *xorpsh)
string discard_changes ()
string mark_subtree_for_deletion (const list< string > &path_segments, uid_t user_id)
bool get_deltas (const SlaveConfigTree &main_tree)
bool get_deletions (const SlaveConfigTree &main_tree)
virtual ConfigTreeNoderoot_node ()
virtual const ConfigTreeNodeconst_root_node () const
SlaveConfigTreeNodeslave_root_node ()
const SlaveConfigTreeNodeconst_slave_root_node () const
SlaveConfigTreeNodefind_node (const list< string > &path)
const CommitStatuscommit_status () const
void reset_commit_status ()

Private Types

typedef XorpCallback2< void,
bool, string >::RefPtr 

Private Attributes

SlaveConfigTreeNode _root_node
XorpShellBase::LOCK_CALLBACK _stage2_cb
string _commit_errmsg
string _save_errmsg
uint32_t _clientid
bool _verbose
CommitStatus _commit_status

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