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Public Member Functions

 TemplateTree (const string &xorp_root_dir, bool verbose) throw (InitError)
bool load_template_tree (const string &config_template_dir, string &error_msg)
bool parse_file (const string &filename, const string &config_template_dir, string &error_msg)
void extend_path (const string &segment, bool is_tag)
void pop_path () throw (ParseError)
void push_path (int type, char *initializer)
void add_untyped_node (const string &segment, bool is_tag) throw (ParseError)
void add_node (const string &segment, int type, char *initializer)
const TemplateTreeNodefind_node (const list< string > &path_segments) const
const TemplateTreeNodefind_node_by_type (const list< ConfPathSegment > &path_segments) const
string path_as_string ()
void add_cmd (char *cmd) throw (ParseError)
void add_cmd_action (const string &cmd, const list< string > &action) throw (ParseError)
string tree_str () const
void register_module (const string &name, ModuleCommand *mc)
ModuleCommandfind_module (const string &name)
bool check_variable_name (const string &s) const
TemplateTreeNoderoot_node () const
const string & xorp_root_dir () const
bool verbose () const

Protected Member Functions

TemplateTreeNodenew_node (TemplateTreeNode *parent, const string &path, const string &varname, int type, const string &initializer)
bool expand_template_tree (string &error_msg)
bool check_template_tree (string &error_msg)

Protected Attributes

map< string, ModuleCommand * > _registered_modules
list< PathSegment_path_segments
list< size_t > _segment_lengths
string _xorp_root_dir
bool _verbose

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