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Public Member Functions

 TemplateTreeNode (TemplateTree &template_tree, TemplateTreeNode *parent, const string &path, const string &varname)
bool expand_template_tree (string &error_msg)
bool check_template_tree (string &error_msg) const
virtual TTNodeType type () const
void add_cmd (const string &cmd) throw (ParseError)
void add_action (const string &cmd, const list< string > &action_list) throw (ParseError)
map< string, string > create_variable_map (const list< string > &segments) const
virtual string str () const
virtual string typestr () const
virtual string default_str () const
virtual string encoded_typestr () const
virtual bool type_match (const string &s, string &error_msg) const
BaseCommandcommand (const string &cmd_name)
const BaseCommandconst_command (const string &cmd_name) const
set< string > commands () const
string varname () const
void set_tag ()
bool is_tag () const
string subtree_str () const
TemplateTreeNodeparent () const
const list< TemplateTreeNode * > & children () const
const string & module_name () const
const string & default_target_name () const
void set_subtree_module_name (const string &module_name)
void set_subtree_default_target_name (const string &default_target_name)
const string & segname () const
string path () const
bool is_module_root_node () const
bool is_leaf_value () const
list< ConfigOperator > allowed_operators () const
bool check_command_tree (const list< string > &commands, bool include_intermediate_nodes, bool include_read_only_nodes, bool include_permanent_nodes, bool include_user_hidden_nodes, size_t depth) const
bool has_default () const
bool check_variable_name (const vector< string > &parts, size_t part) const
string get_module_name_by_variable (const string &varname) const
string get_default_target_name_by_variable (const string &varname) const
bool expand_variable (const string &varname, string &value, bool ignore_deleted_nodes) const
bool expand_expression (const string &expression, string &value) const
TemplateTreeNodefind_varname_node (const string &varname)
const TemplateTreeNodefind_const_varname_node (const string &varname) const
bool check_allowed_value (const string &value, string &error_msg) const
bool verify_variables (const ConfigTreeNode &ctn, string &error_msg) const
const list< string > & mandatory_config_nodes () const
const string & help () const
const string & help_long () const
int child_number () const
TTSortOrder order () const
void set_order (TTSortOrder o)
bool is_deprecated () const
void set_deprecated (bool v)
const string & deprecated_reason () const
void set_deprecated_reason (const string &v)
bool is_user_hidden () const
void set_user_hidden (bool v)
const string & user_hidden_reason () const
void set_user_hidden_reason (const string &v)
bool is_mandatory () const
void set_mandatory (bool v)
bool is_read_only () const
const string & read_only_reason () const
bool is_permanent () const
const string & permanent_reason () const
const TemplateTreeNodefind_first_deprecated_ancestor () const
const TemplateTreeNodefind_first_user_hidden_ancestor () const
void add_allowed_value (const string &value, const string &help)
void add_allowed_range (int64_t lower_value, int64_t upper_value, const string &help)
const map< string, string > & allowed_values () const
const map< pair< int64_t,
int64_t >, string > & 
allowed_ranges () const

Protected Member Functions

void add_child (TemplateTreeNode *child)
string strip_quotes (const string &s) const
void set_has_default ()
bool name_is_variable () const

Protected Attributes

map< string, BaseCommand * > _cmd_map
list< TemplateTreeNode * > _children

Private Member Functions

bool split_up_varname (const string &varname, list< string > &var_parts) const
TemplateTreeNodefind_parent_varname_node (const list< string > &var_parts)
TemplateTreeNodefind_child_varname_node (const list< string > &var_parts)

Private Attributes

string _module_name
string _default_target_name
string _segname
string _varname
map< string, string > _allowed_values
map< pair< int64_t, int64_t >
, string > 
bool _has_default
bool _is_tag
string _help
string _help_long
list< string > _mandatory_config_nodes
int _child_number
TTSortOrder _order
bool _verbose
bool _is_deprecated
string _deprecated_reason
bool _is_user_hidden
string _user_hidden_reason
bool _is_mandatory
bool _is_read_only
string _read_only_reason
bool _is_permanent
string _permanent_reason

Member Function Documentation

const TemplateTreeNode * TemplateTreeNode::find_first_deprecated_ancestor ( ) const
the oldest deprecated ancestor or NULL if no ancestor is deprecated.
const TemplateTreeNode * TemplateTreeNode::find_first_user_hidden_ancestor ( ) const
the oldest user-hidden ancestor or NULL if no ancestor is user-hidden.

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